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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Fear of the unknown.

I'm sure i've spoken about how worked up I get about going back home for a night out, knowing everyone and fearing they're ripping your outfit decision to shreds behind your back is not a nice feeling. Well knowing absolutely noone where your going out can be just as scary.

You have one shot, one outfit to prove to an entire city what you're all about. Will you play it safe? Go extreme? Blend in? So many questions that no amount of time will help answer.

I'm going out in Glasgow a week on Saturday, and i've never been out in Glasgow. And I know the kind of places we're going, I just don't know the point I want to get across.

It's so strange because my outfit confidence was at an all time high, yet my decision making for this trip is at an all time low. My flatmate suggested it being all about the accessories. But i've never really been an accessories kind of girl..

I think in these situations it's best to pick the foudations for the outfit in a form of one confident piece that always makes you feel good and one piece that expresses you perfectly. For example based on this theory I would pick lace leggings(they always make me feel confident) and my sequin jacket from Topshop(because I adore Rosie Huntington Whiteley and it's the same as hers...) but then what... tan or no tan. Tan makes me look better, but it's not like me to be so maintenancey. Fringe down or to the side, heels or no heels. So many things to answer.

BUT... after those foundations are in place it does make the rest come together quite swimmingly.


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