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Monday, 21 March 2011

Australia mate.

I'm going to pick this up a year later from a whole new angle.
I'm going to Australia, oh in just 78 days!!
And I want to document the build up and the travels, from a slightly fashion angle,
so far what am I packing?
Converse and skinny jeans, not very me but they're totally.. 'practical',
on top of that before going I want a tattoo on my rib cage that says 'Mr. Tambourine man', meaningful and sentimental, and will save a whole load of accessory space in my luggage.

I'm going to Sydney to start of the summer.

However I can see my first travel blog entailing the visitors I see in Dubai airport- i've eight hours to scope two categories- religious dressing and extremely-rich-head-to-toe-designer-clad-middle-aged-women..

Oh I am excited..

Here's a little snap of Sydney, yino to make y'all jealous..

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