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Sunday, 1 May 2011

10 reasons I idolise Bianca Jagger

#1 She is bang tidy with ultimate timeless style, I very much doubt she regrets anything she has ever, ever worn.

#2 She pulled off the 'whole foreign girl in a sea of 'English roses' look' with sheer confidence in the 70's

#3 She kept that surname. 'Jagger'- If I marry and divorce anyone with a surname I prefer then hell yeah I will keep it. It's like the ex-girlfriend's rights to hoody's apres break-up except on a legal level..

#4 She was friends with Mr. Warhol chilling in Studio 54 and the factory with him

#5 She has her own human rights foundation and is demonstrably active in her endeavours after her political science academic background. Beauty & brains.

#6 She rode a white horse into Studio 54!!!!!!

#7 She drank champers out the bottle and smoked in the limo on her Wedding day; and still looks this amazing. (Possibly my favourite iconic pap shot of the 70's)

#8 She's a taurean, her birthday is 3 days before mine, therefore 2 days before Audrey Hepburn. So wish her a Happy Birthday tomorrow!! (May 2nd)

#9 She didn't let her failed acting career take away from her confidence or what she succeeded at

#10 Did I mention she is TIMELESS.

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