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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Fear of the unknown.

I'm sure i've spoken about how worked up I get about going back home for a night out, knowing everyone and fearing they're ripping your outfit decision to shreds behind your back is not a nice feeling. Well knowing absolutely noone where your going out can be just as scary.

You have one shot, one outfit to prove to an entire city what you're all about. Will you play it safe? Go extreme? Blend in? So many questions that no amount of time will help answer.

I'm going out in Glasgow a week on Saturday, and i've never been out in Glasgow. And I know the kind of places we're going, I just don't know the point I want to get across.

It's so strange because my outfit confidence was at an all time high, yet my decision making for this trip is at an all time low. My flatmate suggested it being all about the accessories. But i've never really been an accessories kind of girl..

I think in these situations it's best to pick the foudations for the outfit in a form of one confident piece that always makes you feel good and one piece that expresses you perfectly. For example based on this theory I would pick lace leggings(they always make me feel confident) and my sequin jacket from Topshop(because I adore Rosie Huntington Whiteley and it's the same as hers...) but then what... tan or no tan. Tan makes me look better, but it's not like me to be so maintenancey. Fringe down or to the side, heels or no heels. So many things to answer.

BUT... after those foundations are in place it does make the rest come together quite swimmingly.


Friday, 26 February 2010

Going underground-

When you’re as excitable as me then your first time on the frequent mentioned London underground is unattainably ‘hypering’. I just wanted to turn to strangers sitting next to me and explain my jittery leg was all that excitement condensed to one part of my body and why I was so excited and really ask them all about theire exciting London lives...
However in reality I had to use Vogue magazine as a medicine to control the situation.
Condensing everything I want to say about three days in London into one blog is ridiculous. The city screams fashion. I’ll try though:
Bloomers. Yeah those pant, trouser silly looking things worn under three year olds dresses- they are the fashion word en ce moment!! From a diluted black pair from Westwood’s ‘anglomania’- yeah VIVIENNE doing an understated version of something(uber hot!) to the utterly amazing romper suit version for spring/summer Jaeger. I don’t even think words or pictures will do this piece justice. If I could have any piece for this season I would have that, and Jaeger has upped itself in my mind. After the beautiful London fashion weekend presenter also wore a jawdroppingly stunning top by them, it became apparent that I think I have a bit of a crush on the brand...
Sticking with brands and designers I must admit my aim in London was to see and touch a Halston heritage piece. The Grazia article had me drooling at the the thought. It was amazing. Lengthy seventies styles that were sewn and stitched with such obvious care. In block colours and dare I say heavy fabrics that would sit just perfectly. I’d like to thank Harrods for that fix, and for living up to my expectations. I found Harrods every bit as perfect as described(even if it is a COMPLETE maze). The staff were friendly, not on a patronising level but on the customers level, whoever he/she may be. A long conversation with a ‘Benefit’ assistant had her envying my £1.99 Savers nails, while a D&G assistant even let me take a picture of the display! Back to style however on a more vintage level, HELLO V&A!
The V&A is where I want to live. Seriously.. so how convenient that the building should also house my wedding dress. Unlikely as it is that my flaky self shall make that commitment, it would be worth it to wear the most beautiful dress in all creation! I can’t even put a picture up because you wouldn’t understand it, so I suggest everyone gets a ticket to London and if you do one thing get the tube to South Kensington and go to the V&A- it’s the Madeleine Vionnet 1933 dress.
What else did I learn at the V&A... ooh a Biba, 1970's floral suit is totally being copied in denim by H&M this season and who knew Phoebe Philo was English!

I’m going to have to sleep on it and remember all the other exciting things about the city but the main thing I remember right now... the availability of Krispy kremes & Camden band boys!

Monday, 22 February 2010

"Fuck it for Chris"

Love it or hate it, you've watched it.
And to be quite honest- those who claim to hate it are just protecting their own wannabe 'Skins' like status.
It's British youth culture at it's best and that means the fashion is both a reflection and an influence.
Topshop chic done alternatively through cheapy Newlook pieces and charity shop finds; this sums up the girls.
Effy, in my opinion, single handedly mainstremed the Lanvin 'more is more' catwalk necklace approach-

The show aims to show youth for what it is, it is not patronising and it's real and raw. Sheer fabrics and tiny shorts, boys wandering around parties with their torsos out and often more. This tv show has you questioning what next, and has youths at a standstill for fashion inspiration: whether they want to admit it, or not.
Boys would you really have started to wear Topman's surf shorts to parties with fluorescent sunnies if you hadn't seen Chris do it?