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Monday, 22 February 2010

"Fuck it for Chris"

Love it or hate it, you've watched it.
And to be quite honest- those who claim to hate it are just protecting their own wannabe 'Skins' like status.
It's British youth culture at it's best and that means the fashion is both a reflection and an influence.
Topshop chic done alternatively through cheapy Newlook pieces and charity shop finds; this sums up the girls.
Effy, in my opinion, single handedly mainstremed the Lanvin 'more is more' catwalk necklace approach-

The show aims to show youth for what it is, it is not patronising and it's real and raw. Sheer fabrics and tiny shorts, boys wandering around parties with their torsos out and often more. This tv show has you questioning what next, and has youths at a standstill for fashion inspiration: whether they want to admit it, or not.
Boys would you really have started to wear Topman's surf shorts to parties with fluorescent sunnies if you hadn't seen Chris do it?

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