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Monday, 23 November 2009

Good ole Victorian jealousy

I stand corrected, whilst publicly apologising to Victoria Beckham for quick remarks I did not bear enough knowledge to make; also to myself for the upheaval of information to and from the opinions section in my brain.

I, In my younger teen days, internally criticized Victoria for what I made assumptions were 'chav' like ensembles by a plastic who knew nothing.
Victoria, if let loose on me at this stage, could have and SHOULD have made far worse and more deserved insults.

I now am more than a little in love with this woman- not because she's changed because I really don't think she has. It is because I have changed- i've gathered confidence and realisation that the media can portray and image as chalk to the person's cheese, also there are grey areas in style; it is not a case of having good style or bad style.

Regardless of that previous statement Victoria Beckham does have good style. A smart girl who has grown up all over again since the beginning of her media attention. She has now reached the sophisticated young lady level in the style stakes.

The first inclination of change towards my opinion of Mrs. Beckham was her British Vogue appearance in April 2008.

As I tore the wrapper from the magazine, I double took and shoved it in my mum's face in order to quiz who she thought this covergirl may be because I had sheer disbelief that my idolic glossy was capable of such a rookie mistake. My mum's answer aired hope on ths situation with her mistaking the image for a favoured model of mine, making my blood cool. Until my mum's naivety to sense this pressing matter at hand caused her straight after to point out those big pink letters that spelled Victoria's name.
After I carelessly flipped pages to search not for the usual interesting story but justification and excuse for Vogue to do such a thing.

The article not only excused Beckham's cover presence but sparked a respect which has grew ever since. A link on Twitter more recently showed an interview with the Brit in America, it became that moment, like when you are in a relationship and the young fellow does something utterly silly and defining and you get that first urge to utter "I love you"...

Most recently Harper's Bazaar has only furthered these feelings with an article showing others' love for Victoria with the likes of Manolo Blahnik, Domenico Dolce AND Stefano Gabbana contributing.

This article is my favourite piece on Victoria because I see myself in it. Here is the point where I commend that age old mum wisdom and say she was right again. "Girls who don't like you are only jealous". Victoria, I guess it was jealousy.

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